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These are real questions I have been asked...
  1. Have I seen you somewhere before?
    I have played various games online, previously under the handle "X-Phile", so you may have seen me playing Myth II, Quake II, Half-Life, Action HL, Opposing Force, Unreal Tournament, UT2K3, UT2K4, etc. If you have ever seen the handle RevRagnarok, it is likely me, I've never seen another (FatWallet, Wikipedia, /., digg, etc are all me).

  2. What the ... is a Ragnarok?
    • Google returns tons of crap. Some of it is Anime related, but that is not what it is.
    • There is a great web site called Ragnarok devoted to some video games, like Final Fantasy. I loved FF7 and FF8, and the airship in FF8 is called Ragnarok also, but that is not why I chose the name either. This site has some really sweet pictures tho.
    • Alright already! Tell me!

      Ragnarök is an Old Norse compound word, with ragna being the plural of regin ("ruling power"), which is related to the words regal, regent, regime, and the German reich. Then, rökr being "doom", "bringing of fate", or as a later development, "twilight", which is the source of Richard Wagner's name for it, Gotterdamerung ("Twilight of the Gods").

    • Some nice definitions with crossreferences can be found at Encyclopedia Mythica and The Columbia Encyclopedia.
    • I got this from Ancient Cultures: Myths and Legends of the Vikings from Chartwell Books:
            Viking mythology also encompassed what was going to happen at some unspecified time in the future, when the gods themselves would die. Here there is a definite parallel with the Christian account, in Revelation, of the forthcoming Apocalypse, for Ragnarok too is a final battle between the forces of good and evil... Ragnarok will be brought about largely because the gods tolerated the existence of the evil Loki, who, bound in the most horrific circumstances, has long plotted their downfall.
             The first sign of the onset of Ragnarok will be Fimbulvetr, a years'-long savage winter when snow will constantly fall from all points of the compass. Loki and Fenris, as well as Hel's dog, Garm, will succeed in breaking their bonds in order to attack the gods. Nidhug, the dragon gnawing at one of the roots of Yggdrasil, will at last succeed in severing it. The god Heimdall will sound a note on his trumpet, warning of what is imminent, and this note will be heard by all. The Aesir and the Einheriar (the dead warriors taken to Valhalla from the battlefield) will hear this blast and rally to Vigrid, where the final battle will take place.

  3. Are you real?
    What a dumb f'n question. Let me check <PINCH> ouch.

  4. Sorry, I meant are you really a Reverend?
    Yep, I am a legally ordained minister. My services are now available if you would like a Flying Spaghetti Monster wedding.

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