Optional requirements for RPM

(Wow, it's been over a year since my last blog post…)

At work, I have a program that optionally could use the Qt libraries, but I didn't want my RPM to actually require libqt-mt.so like it wanted to. And RPM doesn't seem to support an "OptRequires" or something similar… so here's my hack of a solution.

I put this script named find-requires into my project's "build" subdirectory so it is included in the "Source" tarball that rpmbuild will be using. I wrote it to be expandable.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use IPC::Open2;

# This quick script will run the native find-requires (first parameter)
# and then strip out packages we don't want listed.

open2(\*IN, \*OUT, @ARGV);
print OUT while (<STDIN>);
my $list = join('', <IN>);

# Apply my filter(s):
$list =~ s/^libqt-mt.so.*?$//mg;

print $list;

Then put in your .spec file this, which will call our script with the original script as the first parameter:

# Note: 'global' evaluates NOW, 'define' allows recursion later...
%global _use_internal_dependency_generator 0
%global __find_requires_orig %{__find_requires}
%define __find_requires %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}/build/find-requires %{__find_requires_orig}


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