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This is not a typical "read my thoughts blog" - instead it is a "I found something that may be useful to be jotted down for myself, and maybe others can benefit from my sweat and tears." So it is more of a brain dump. If you find any of it useful, please feel free to drop me a line at blog using this domain name. The tags should be pretty self-explanatory. Also, most of my useful links are dumped at And with that disclaimer finished, I now have a "funny stuff, etc" blog on blogspot.

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1. RevRagnarok -- 15 years ago

How to support this effort

My software will ALWAYS be free, and my technical advice and assistance will ALWAYS be free. I am not in this to make money. But if you want to help me pay for web hosting, etc, feel free to help in any of the following ways. I am not a poor college student any more, but since people have now asked me what they can do, I figured I would let everyone know:

  • Buy anything from Amazon: In Association with
  • Get a great credit card offer thru Amazon and I will get a cut (contact me for a link)
  • Make a straight donation with Amazon: Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More
  • Make a donation with PayPal: Make a donation with PayPal (in $1 increments):
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2. RevRagnarok -- 14 years ago

NOTE: Giganews is now a 14 day trial. I dunno if the new referral link is actually different, but please use that one.