Posts for the month of April 2008

Compressing Subversion checkouts

I'll let the file intro explain itself:

# "Disk space is cheap!" - SVN Authors
# "Except when backing it up!" - RevRagnarok

# This script will drastically reduce the size of an svn checkout so you can back up the folder.
# It will include a script to re-expand the directory with NO interaction with the server.
# It will also (optionally) write a script /tmp/ that will restore all compressed
#   folders.

Something to check out in the future:

Update 3 Apr 08: Updated the script to touch a file saying it ran so it won't run again. Also have it dump a tiny "readme" file to let somebody else know what is going on.
Update 4 Apr 08: Fixed bug with deep paths.
Update 22 Aug 08: Huge changes, now using "proper" native calls.