Posts for the month of February 2008

VGA Console modes for laptops

Finally found a table explaining the vga "modes" that the Linux kernel handles. For some reason, on my work laptop (Dell M1710) only gets 0x31B but 0x31F doesn't work.

Unerasing files with subversion

in the redbean book:

  • svn copy -r 11 file:///tmp/repos/test/trunk file:///tmp/repos/test/tags/0.6.32-prerelease -m "Forgot to tag at rev 11"

So, I think in our context, the file was deleted in revision 99 and we are now at 300: (in the trunk/src directory)

  • svn cp -r 99 http://srv/proj/trunk/src/filename filename

Mounting ISO images with Windows

I have been trying to do a whole mount -o loop thing under Windows for years - didn't know that Microsoft actually has a Virtual CD driver for free! No need for Alcohol 120% or anything. Here's the link.