Posts for the month of December 2008

Using UltraCompare with TortoiseSVN

From "Nick's Head Sphere"

C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare\UC.exe -t %base %mine

C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare\UC.exe -rom %theirs %mine %merged 

MATLAB: Please dbstop here

I am doing a lot with MATLAB at work. I wanted the equivalent of a command that doesn't exist: dbstop here or dbstop now. Came up with two possible solutions with the help of the MathWorks tech support.

1: (from MATLAB documentation)

dbstop if warning 'MFILE:stop';
% Then later:
if ~isequal(input, expected_input), warning('MFILE:stop','Boom!'), end;
% At the end (or else things seem to slow down)
dbclear if warning 'MFILE:stop';

When it drops into the debugger you can then issue the above dbclear command by hand to get it to stop dropping there.

2: (my way)

This way uses the command keyboard that I didn't know about until tech support told me about it - it is not listed in help dbstop but it is a "see-also" in doc dbstop which is annoying…

% Then later:
if breakable && ~isequal(input, expected_input), keyboard, end;

When it drops into the debugger (you can still use F5, etc) you can then type breakable=0; to stop it from dropping at that point. It doesn't clutter up the dbstop stack so shouldn't slow down unrelated M-files.