Pretty "Diff" in Linux

OK, this is a sad day. I like my Windows utility more than my Linux one. Hopefully somebody out there can point me in the right direction.

I want a graphical diff that looks good. I am used to the beautiful ones in trac and TortoiseMerge (part of TortoiseSVN). I am hoping for something that is available in a default Fedora install that I just haven't seen, or one I can yum install from a virgin install (rules out xxdiff and fldiff). colordiff shows the lines in color but doesn't do colors within the lines.

This is the closest I have found:

pdiff file1 file2 -o - | kghostview -

If anybody has a better one that is easy to use from the command line (so not something like from within emacs or eclipse) then please let me know.


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