I wanna rsync all night long...

I use rsync a lot on my PC boxes (Cygwin) and Linux servers. I keep forgetting what I do where, so usually I have a file called "command" so I can just ". command" with bash.

Anyway, here are a few so I remember what I did. Maybe you will find them helpful too:

Backup music drive (M:, ext3) to external USB drive (X:\!Music, NTFS)

cd /cygdrive/x/\!Music
rsync -av --size-only --exclude command --exclude '!Books on MP3' --exclude '!FTP' /cygdrive/m/ ./

Backup external USB drive (X:, NTFS) to external FireWire drive (I:, FAT32)

(Yes, I backup my backup, long story…)

cd /cygdrive/i
rsync -av --size-only --exclude command --exclude *iso --exclude '/System Volume Information' /cygdrive/x/ ./

Keep my Cygwin mirror up to date on Mjolnir (Linux server)

cd /share/shared/Cygwin_mirror
rsync -va --stats --delete --exclude command --exclude /mail-archives --progress rsync://mirrors.xmission.com/cygwin/ ./ && touch date
wget http://www.cygwin.com/setup.exe
mv -f setup.exe ../


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