Reminder email and wiki page for trac

I wrote this a long time ago, never had a chance to update it, and somebody asked on the trac mailing list today…

You can get ADMMailHandler in the ADMLogger package (sorry, too lazy today).

You need to configure a few places too. Like I implied, not quite ready for public consumption, but at my rate never will be. Please feel free to "upstream" me any changes.

Also, if there is a trac project that matches the user name (that's how my company does trac sandboxes) then it will also create a page MyTickets with a dump of links.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

# Script to send email reminders in a cron job.
# Email trac at revragnarok <.> com

# I should've made it DBI compliant - but I'm not getting paid for this ;)

   push @INC, "/usr/src/my_scripts/mail_reminder"; # Where ADMMailHandler is hiding

use Data::Dumper;
use ADMMailHandler;
use DirHandle;

use constant URLbeforeproj => '';
use constant URLafterproj => '/ticket/';
use constant Nodomain => '';
use constant Subject => 'Outstanding tickets';


my (%proj, %user);
my @projs;
# Look in directory for project names
my $dh = DirHandle->new('.') or die "Can't open trac directory! : $!\n";
while (defined ($_ = $dh->read)) {
  # Does it have a trac DB?
  if (-e "$_/db/trac.db") {
    push @projs, $_;
  } # -e
foreach my $projname (@projs) {
  # Open each one
  open(SQL,"/usr/bin/sqlite3 $projname/db/trac.db \"select id,status,owner,summary from ticket where status != 'closed'\"|");
  while (<SQL>) {
    my ($id, $status, $owner, $summary) = split /\|/;
    #print "Proj: $projname, ID: '$id', status: '$status', owner: '$owner', summary: '$summary'\n";
    next if ($owner eq '');
    $user{$owner}{"$projname-$id"} = $summary;
foreach my $username (sort keys %user) {
  # Verify it is valid
  my $fullname = $username;
  $fullname.= Nodomain if ($fullname !~ /@/);
  # Put together the email
  my $mh = ADMMailHandler::new($fullname, 1, Subject);
  $mh->append(qq{<TABLE WIDTH=95% BORDER=1><TR>
<TD><B><U>Ticket Summary</U></B></TD></TR>});
  foreach my $ticket (sort keys %{$user{$username}}) {
    my ($proj, $num) = split(/-/, $ticket);
    # print "Processing (proj = $proj) (num = $num) (summary = $user{$username}{$ticket})\n";
    $mh->append(qq{<TR><TD>$proj #$num</TD><TD><A HREF="}.URLbeforeproj.$proj.URLafterproj.$num.qq{">}.$user{$username}{$ticket}."</A></TD></TR>\n");
  # Now we'll make a special 'MyTickets' wiki page if the person has their own sandbox
  my ($tryname, undef) = split(/@/, $fullname);
  if (scalar grep(/^${tryname}$/, @projs)) {
    # There is a match
    open(WIKI, ">/tmp/$$");
    print WIKI "== My Tickets ==\n||'''__Project__'''||'''__Ticket Summary__'''||\n";
    foreach my $ticket (sort keys %{$user{$username}}) {
      my ($proj, $num) = split(/-/, $ticket);
      print WIKI "||$proj !#$num||[$proj:ticket:$num $user{$username}{$ticket}]||\n";
    close WIKI;
    `/usr/bin/trac-admin $tryname wiki remove MyTickets > /dev/null 2>/dev/null`;
    `/usr/bin/trac-admin $tryname wiki import MyTickets /tmp/$$`;
    unlink "/tmp/$$";
  } # Sandbox or not
} # Each username


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