Posts for the month of June 2003

Ghost, ext2 and ext3, convert ext3 -> ext2

  1. Ghost 7 doesn't do ext3. I had a hint of this moving from 30G to 40G but it is now verified. It makes fsck.ext3 core dump. Not a pretty sight. I was very afraid that I lost my firewall forever.
    1. You can fool 'mount' but not 'fsck'. You can do 'mount -t ext2' to mount ext3 as ext2. If you do 'fsck -t ext2' on corrupted ext3, it will still crash knowing it is ext3.
    2. 'tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/hda7' will convert an ext3 partition (eg hda7) to ext2. Since Ghost copies ext3 as ext2 (which corrupts the special journal) this is required.

Ghost and ext3

bad = I am about to try to resize an ext3 partition. Ghost hosed that job up so bad that fsck actually SegFault'd!

Stupid Linux trick - virtual partition

Stupid Linux trick number ###? - Making a virtual partition. Kinda the opposite of what I want to do.

mkdir /home/foo
dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/foo/image bs=1024 count=10240
mkfs.ext3 -F /home/foo/image
mount -t ext3 /home/foo/image /home/foo -o loop
chown foo /home/foo

This creates a 10MB home 'directory' for the user named foo. No way for them to get bigger (well, /tmp but that is beyond the scope of this example).