Don't load Win98 files onto a Win98SE machine!

Spent 5 hours trying to get Ceci's Win98SE machine to work with a wireless USB thingee. The sad part is that it worked fine for a few minutes right at the beginning… then what? Windows Update killed it!!!

So I try to reinstall the driver. This time I figure that maybe I should have the installer overwrite the files from the Windoze CD since Windows Update screwed them up in the first place.

OK, no more story time. On to the lessons learned. I can almost guarantee that you will get BSODs and all other kinds of fun stuff (eg. Device Manager CRASHING even in Safe Mode!!!) if you pop in a Windows 98 disk when installing drivers and the computer is running windows 98 SE. Oh yeah. *BIG* fun. About 5 hours later it finally hit me that the CD didn't match the OS on the boot screen!!!


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