Mounting a Drive in a Windows 2000 Folder

Mounting a Drive in a Windows 2000 Folder

By Jim Pile

Reader Paul T. asks the following Windows 2000 question:

"I have a small (5.2 GB) drive that I would like to add to my Windows 2000 installation. I would prefer to add the extra 5.2 GB to my existing Drive C. Is there an easy way to do this?" You can assign an NTFS drive to a folder on another NTFS drive. When you do this, the contents of the added drive appear in this new folder. For example, if you add your 5.2 GB drive and assign it to a folder in Drive C named \Extra Data, then you have effectively added the contents of the new drive to your C drive. After you install and format your new drive, right-click My Computer and choose Manage. When the Computer Management dialog box opens, click Disk Management. Now, in the right pane of the dialog box, right-click your new drive and choose 'Change Drive Letter and Path'. If there is already a drive letter assigned, click Remove. Next, click Add. When the Add New Drive Letter or Path dialog box opens, select the 'Mount in this NTFS folder' radio button and click Browse. Click Drive C to select it and then click New Folder. Name the folder and click OK. Back in the Add New Drive Letter or Path dialog box, click OK to close the dialog box and apply your folder selection. Your new drive will now appear in your newly created Drive C folder. You can use the same procedure in Windows XP.


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